3 Great Ways to Win Clients on Upwork

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One of the first questions that come to mind is how to get a client. It’s one of the most challenging parts of freelancing when you’re just starting out. You’re amazing at what you do, so how do you get the word out about it? To win your first client, you’ll need lead sources and also some legwork, just like any other company. I’ll go over three ways to get new clients in this article.

1. Define Your Niche

If you want to find the right customers, you must first define your niche in order to know who to approach. Tom Abbott suggests in Linkedin that discovering your niche is about finding customers suited to your purpose, expertise, and market trends.

You can be sure to have a successful freelancing career if you first invest in learning an “in-demand talent” and then niche down. Here’s some detail on the most important skills.: Upwork Releases Top 15 Most In-Demand Skills for Independent Web, Mobile, and Software Developers

2. Write Custom Proposals

If you see an interesting gig and you want to write a proposal to win the contract;

  • Spend time reading the job description in depth.
  • When you don’t understand a segment or there are certain criteria that aren’t being met, ask more questions.
  • Don’t act as though you know everything; this is common on freelancing sites, and it gives you an advantage.
  • Don’t keep copying and pasting the same proposal; clients will note the difference.

3. Complete Your Profile

Successful freelancers have profiles that are complete, accurate, and paint a compelling picture of their services, skills, and accomplishments

— Upwork

This may seem silly, but many freelancers on Upwork do not have 100% complete profiles, and simply filling out your profile will improve your chances of getting new clients.

Create a 100% Complete Freelancer Profile




∞ Travel | Coding | Lifestyle ⦿ Bangkok | ✧ #freelancer ▷ Got a project? ⭣ www.upwork.com/fl/al3rez

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Alireza Bashiri

Alireza Bashiri

∞ Travel | Coding | Lifestyle ⦿ Bangkok | ✧ #freelancer ▷ Got a project? ⭣ www.upwork.com/fl/al3rez

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