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Alireza Bashiri
3 min readOct 23, 2020
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I imagine you all wish there were a tool that could give you enough insight into what you are doing; hmm, context-specific and helpful that kind that eases your pain and makes you a better craftsman in your career! If you’re a developer, then that may sound familiar cause every day, you’re working with tons of things with a lot of context around it that makes it hard to keep in your head.

The Answer Is Already In Your Code

Have you ever wondered what if a tool could understand your code and tell you what you need to do next or at least give you a hint?

If you think the answer to that question already lives in your code, hmm, you already wrote a similar function that looks similar to the new one? Did you get many errors that were telling the same thing? Yeah! There resting in your logs somewhere. Or how about if someone else done something similar to what you’re doing now, and it could be helpful if you easily could have insight about it or a guideline towards it.

A Whole New World

Guess what we’re not alone! In 2012 Gary Bernhardt gave a talk at Strange Loop called “A Whole New World” that he mentions he built a tool that is not an IDE or giant lines of codes or a debugger. It’s using layers that continuously monitor your code’s context and give you insight into what you’re doing, from optimizing your SQL queries to referring to a line that might cause a bug.

Sadly there’s no such a tool yet, but you could check out Gary’s video and his terrific ideas that, if ever happens, can change the way we’re working now.

A Whole New World
A talk by Gary Bernhardt from Strange Loop 2012

TabNine — World’s Most Dangerous AI

here’s a tool being developing for a while called “TabNine” to give you some good news. To be honest, at first, I just thought it just another fancy tool that machine learning engineers built to show off how cool they are :D After I used it for a while, I can tell this too isn’t a joke it kind of freaks me out a bit, but it understands what you’re doing and gives insight simul while you’re doing it.

Do you guys believe this? I just opened my editor and went straight to a line that parses an HTML page and extracts some information from it (Yeah, yeah scraping), and after I wanted to write another query, it gave me precisely what need to write?


TabNine — Completion in VIM
TabNine — VIM

As you can see, I don’t even have the gopls, which is a Go language server set up yet, but it still gives me a score about what would do next

If you’re want to get faster and type less code and deliver more, you can go to the TabNine website and download TabNine. They provide integration for all kinds of editors, and IDEs don’t hesitate and give it a try.

Become indistractable and get more done by doing less.



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